Monday, July 14, 2014

Soccer mania!

I obviously need to work on my blogging skills.

It looks like nobody figured out my Sucker Bet question, but I think a lot of people glanced at it (and the early comments), and thought that they had.  Of course, it may be that somebody figured it out after I posted the answer, because after all what would you say if that happened? Nonetheless, it's worth another glance, IMHO.

In honor of the World Cup, I'm posting this "self-generating puzzle". How many Group B results can be worked out from the information on this page alone:? It's a lot of fun to read the sports pages and find phrases or tables that work as puzzles by themselves, although I rarely have time anymore.

Here's another self-generating sports puzzle. Making reasonable assumptions about how sportswriters write, how many results can be inferred from the following sentence?

After last night's win, the Broncos have won 2 of their last 3 games, and 5 of their last 7.

I don't think I am the one who discovered this puzzle, but I was unable to figure out who did by searching usenet archives.

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